By Cathrine Cordero

Planning your dream wedding can be very stressful because there is so much to do, and of course you want everything exactly the way you’ve envisioned it on your big day.  Getting the perfect venue and a dress that makes you feel like a princess may be the first things that come to mind when you begin to plan. But once you find them whats next?  The next thing to decide is the color scheme you would like for your wedding! I’m sure it may not be the first thing that pops into your head but it is actually really important.  Once your colors are chosen there are so many things that will just fall into place like your bridesmaids dresses, the colors for the grooms men, invitations… and so many other decorations that probably escaped your mind!

Winter Wedding:

Chocolate Brown, White Latte (picture steamed milk), and Pale Blue

The combination of these colors give off a winter wonderland feeling, as well as warm and cozy.  It makes me think of sitting by a big window after it has just snowed, with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and wrapped in a warm blanket.


Spring Wedding:

Cream Rose, Light Gray, Green, and Pink

This color scheme is simple, light and fresh, just like the spring!  These colors together show that winter is finally over and the flowers are beginning to bloom!


Summer Wedding:

Royal Blue, Red, and Dusty Rose

These pops of color will make your wedding bright, fun, and carefree, just like summer!


Fall Wedding:

Coral, Marigold, Wine Red

Whenever you think of fall you think of oranges, reds, and yellows… these colors still give you that warm fall feeling but adds a brightness to it!

Once your color choice is final all of the different aspects of your wedding should start coming together and you will be able to focus on the big stuff like your photographer, and the type of music you’d like to have on your special day. Remember when you’re planning all of these things you want those who are helping to create the magic you want for your wedding to be just as passionate and dedicated to it as you are and here at clix couture we want all your hard work remembered!