Basics for Brides:

By Nicole Rapp

Besides hiring a quality photographer, there are numerous steps a bride can take to guarantee incredible, personalized photos. Does your photographer understand your personality as a couple? Does he or she know what you are looking for? It is essential to do your own research and avoid relying on your friends word about who to use for your big day- for they might have very different values as a couple than you and your partner! Keep in mind, quality over quantity is especially relevant when searching for the perfect photography company. Just because they offer low rates does not guarantee they will provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

By taking advantage of our Get to Know Us– no obligation, free engagement session, our photographers get to know you and your partner and give you a taste of the sort of images that will be produced for you on your big day. We strive for perfection through unique personalization as we work hard to make sure our brides are completely satisfied with the quality of work we produce. Many of our brides use Pinterest to create mood boards, where they showcase what appeals to them specifically.  In doing so, we are able to get a more in depth idea of the sort of images you are looking for.

We had a ton of fun with this particular engagement shoot where we shot at a local theater where the couple first met! It doesn’t get much more personal than that!

Love your dog, or horse? Bring ’em for the shoot!

Be prepared:

We all know that weddings take months of planning and preparation, yet what you don’t always realize is when the day comes; it will feel like the blink of an eye. Our staff at Clix|Couture strive to help slow down that process and maximize your entire experience from start to finish. We are here to offer a helping hand in insuring you are fully prepared for anything and everything that can arise.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

It is key for brides to create a timeline for their wedding day. Start from the very top, and do not leave anything out! Even account for travel time between locations. When scheduling hair and makeup for yourself and your bridesmaids, be sure to book with a makeup artist or cosmetologist that provides the exact look you’ve always dreamed of- what requires more glam than YOUR big day? Once you’ve looked into a few stylists, and picked your favorite, schedule a consultation. Look into different styles ahead of time that stand out to you and have he or she do a trial, ensuring you are completely obsessed with the finished result.  Be sure that he or she has availability for the entire day of your wedding.  Make your appointment as early as possible, and be the first to get ready! Many times the bridesmaids will be ready before the bride- however- to maximize time shooting, have your stylist begin on you, so that you won’t have to worry about being unhappy with the final result and not having any time to correct it. Delays such as this can severely set the whole day behind. While getting ready, aim for setting up in areas located near window light so that your photographer can capture the getting ready process with beautiful natural lighting. We love capturing detailed shots of your bridesmaids / groomsmen helping you both in the process of getting ready , from putting on the dress to helping out with the tie.  Be sure to incorporate an approximate time duration for the length of your hair and makeup session.

Afterward, many couples like to get some quick formal shots out of the way once everyone is done getting ready.  This is when we usually have some time to get some fun, creatively styled shots of the bride and bridesmaids as the groomsmen are usually photographed at a separate location by our second photographer- which is included in all of our base digital packages. After getting a few shots, it is about time to make your way to the ceremony. Incorporate about how much time will be needed for travel from the location of where you got ready, to the church hosting the ceremony.

We like to arrive on scene just before you do so that we can capture you getting out of the car, walking into the church and even detailed shots of the church just before your ceremony begins.  Before the day of your wedding, or even when considering which venue to choose, make sure that they do not have strict rules about photography in the church! Many times, we get to a location and begin setting up, only to find out that is prohibited inside.

Some important things to keep in mind for you as a couple, as well as your entire bridal party are listed below:

  • Remember to keep your head up while walking down the aisle! 
    • Many times people get nervous and forget that we are waiting from two different angles to capture them being a part of your day! Smile big and look for the guy ducking in the corner with the camera in his hand!
  •  Empty your pockets!
    • A tip for the gentlemen: remove all items from your pockets! Many times we will see the groomsmen with phones, wallets and keys creating distracting bulky pockets
  • Ring Exchanges and the First Kiss
    • The ring exchange is one of the main points during the ceremony and we want to capture it! Try remembering not to cover the rings with your hands or body that can prevent us from getting the shot!
    • The first kiss is the cherry on top of the entire ceremony! Make it last more than three seconds so that we can shoot it from different angles!


Hopefully these little tips and bits of advice help guide you on your wedding day. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and your dream wedding day vision- while we help provide the most unique photography experience with memories to last a lifetime.  Call us today at 631-509-6777 to schedule your free get-to-know us engagement shoot!