Why do we need a post-wedding session?
R. Scott Smith

Included in all the digital base packages we book is a free post-wedding photo session. A lot of brides ask what the purpose is. “Aren’t you going to get every shot I ask for?” Well, sometimes, yes. The post-wedding photo shoot can be a lot of things. But primarily, we use it to get that extra something. Sometimes a situation arises either due to bad timing or inclement weather or any number of things. We had a groom in a car accident 2 days before the wedding. Taking the cuts, bruises and crutch out of every shot that he was in was hard enough. But the defeated look on his face was a tough one. This was an ideal candidate for a session like this.

This couple had an amazing wedding in a barn in Lloyd Harbor. But they were all about the beach. Also, the mother’s fiance was not interested in pictures the day of. Within the time we had, we retook formal’s with him AND made it down to the beach for some great shots. We did this a few weeks after the big day and it was exactly what Liz and Eric wanted.

We had another bride and groom who had their wedding shot by another photographer who wasn’t quite as experienced as he or she should have been to cover such a big wedding. Literally years later, we went out and traced their footsteps and created a whole new set of memories for them with the particular shots they were looking for.

There are so many advantages to the post-wedding session for a bride and groom. The main thing is that they are getting shots that were impossible to get on a busy weddings day. However, the fact that it’s all stress free, laid back and without an audience really helps to get something truly special. Being able to wait for great weather, or the leaves to fall or the tide or sunset to be perfect is a wonderful thing. I have brides that try and plan for sunsets to happen at an exact time during the wedding. Sometimes it works out – most of the time it doesn’t. 

Another advantage is the fact that you can do things you wouldn’t dream of in your dress on your wedding day! It’s no longer called trash the dress. We rarely meet a bride who wants to ruin something that costs several hundred to thousands of dollars. We now call it “Rock The Dress” and it can be a subtle as walking through a fall leaf-covered forest or sitting on a jetty or as grand as powdered paint blasting a bride at all angles.

There are other options as well. We have what we call the “Love My Girls” session. We started as a makeover and modeling studio. When are your bridesmaids ever going to wear their dresses again? A morning session with someone doing the makeup and a batch of mimosa’s makes for a fun group modeling session. Some give it to only their MOH for their own personal session!

With us, you can also bank or gift your free session. It can be applied to a holiday session in-studio or business headshots for free. Or for half off on your maternity or newborn session! It can even be applied as a credit toward a bridal or general boudoir session. Any way you use it, it’s included in every base package.

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